MASH Minute
MASH Minute
The Movies by Minute podcast about M*AS*H

Minutes 1-3: Hal Bryan


Hal Bryan is a total aviation and pop culture nerd. Seriously: growing up, his back yard was a runway. Way up in Oshkosh, Wisconsin (home of the world’s largest aviation event every year), he’s also senior editor for the Experimental Aircraft Association’s digital and print content and publications, co-author of two books, and a lifelong pilot and aviation geek. In the podcasting world he's a rotating host on EAA's The Green Dot, and a proud co-host of The RocketeerMinute. And yes, he does have his own Rocketeer helmet.


Minutes 4-7: Tom Taylor

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Tom Taylor is a writer, editor, and part-time podcaster. Is there another kind? He wrote a book you might enjoy called In Memory of Todd Woods. In addition to Indiana Jones Minute, Caddyshack Minute, and The Blues Brothers Minute he is also the cohost of the ABCDEVO podcast.


Minutes 8-11: Heidi Bennett


I’m a Business and Wellness Coach for Multi-Creative Professionals • Compassion Teacher • Podcast Producer • Podcast Creative Consultant

Websites: and

Socials: @HeidiMBennett on Instagram & Twitter, @VibrantVisionaries on Instagram, and @VibrantVisCast on twitter


Minutes 12-13: Jonathan Howell


Jonathan Howell is braving a franchise one minute at a time. With Chris Ramirez, he takes on every Mission: Impossible movie. They even record video of their sessions, because they are braver than most podcasters. Joanthan is a true gem who organizes Discord mixers for Minute Maker podcasters, always has great t-shirt ideas, and cares about his audio levels so much more than Tierney ever will.


Minutes 14-17: Gerry Porter


L.A.-based drummer Gerry Porter made the crucial mistake of having two best friends and now he’s stuck podcasting about Indiana Jones for the rest of his life. As the Intern of Indiana Jones Minute, he’s forced to face the ruckus that is every Indy adventure one minute at a time. If you have percussion needs or want to see who he’s playing with now, check out


Minutes 18-21: Fr David Mowry


Fr. David Mowry is a Roman Catholic priest of the Diocese of Joliet in Illinois and serves as professor of homiletics and preaching at Mundelein Seminary. He is the chaplain of the Movies-by-Minutes community and has made guest appearances on Star Wars Minute, Indiana Jones Minute, DC Cinematic Minute, Bat Minute Returns, The Shining 2:37 Podcast, Mean Girls Minute, The Wilder Ride, Minute Impossible, and Marvel Movie Minute. He gets queasy at the sight of blood and would be horrible as a field hospital chaplain.


Minutes 22-25: Paul Francis Sullivan


Please, call him Sully. Comedian, TV producer, and baseball expert, Sully hosted a daily podcast on baseball called, well, called Sully Baseball for five YEARS. Now he can be found hosting Locked on MLB, a podcast with league-wide coverage for “serious baseball fan[s], with a sense of humor”.


Minutes 26-27: Cassandra Fredrickson

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Cassandra Fredrickson is the co-host of Lord of the Rings Minute. When she's not discussing high-fantasy, she's writing, reading comics, playing DnD, or doing more podcasting at Dueling Genre Productions. When she's not doing that, she's crying about movies with her cat and husband, and wanting to learn how to bake like they do on the Great British Baking Show.


Minutes 28-30: Jeff Ferry


Jeff Ferry is a cohost of the Jay and Silent Bob Minute, tackling the Kevin Smith filmography one minute at a time. They’ve completed Clerks and Mallrats, and are about to embark on Chasing Amy. More relevant to M*A*S*H, he is also a Master Sergeant in the Air Force and actually knows what this movie is talking about. Jeff is from New Jersey… Team Pork Roll.


Minute 31: Captain Tuttle


Captain Jonathan S. Tuttle (sometimes known as Johnny) was born to Harry and Freida Tuttle in Battlecreek, Michigan in 1924 but at some point in his childhood moved to Crabapple Cove, Maine. Having grown up with Hawkeye Pierce, Tuttle also became a surgeon, graduatng from the Berlinisches Polytechnikum, and was eventually drafted into the Army during the Korean Conflict. He served at the 4077th M*A*S*H where his friends dubbed him "Captain Humility" since he never made a fuss. Sadly one morning he was called out to the field for surgery and took off in a helicopter. He took everything an army doctor needs... except his parachute. A Reformed Druid whose body was never recovered, his memorial was a simple service in Korea featuring a eulogy delivered by his best friend, and his life insurance was donated to Sister Theresa's Orphanage.


Minutes 32-33: Thomas Howeth


Thomas is a sound engineer and electronics technician who finds great joy in figuring out how things work. Southern California born and raised on 80’s pop culture, he now resides in Maryland and loves any chance to wax nostalgic about the good ole days before editing took over his life.
Thomas is the producer and co-host of The NeverEnding Minute and CritStorm Cast


Minutes 34-37: Chris Henry


Chris Henry is a staff member at the Experimental Aircraft Association in Oshkosh, WI.  He has been interested in aviation since he was a young boy.  At the age of twelve he began volunteering at the local air museum in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.  There he worked on several World War Two aircraft such as the B-17Flying Fortress, B-25 Mitchell, and P-47 Thunderbolt.  He worked through college fueling airplanes at the local airport and graduated as an Air Traffic Controller.  He worked ramp control for the airlines and then went on to become a manager of flight operations for a medical helicopter company.  After serving as an air traffic controller for several years, he came to the EAA.  In his role there he works to create special moments for people from all walks of life.  He has worked very closely with the B-17 “Aluminum Overcast” Program and has helped give many veterans the chance to become reunited with ‘their” airplane once again.  Also in this role he is able to show younger generations what those before them experienced.  He has played a part in many special events at the EAA Museum in Oshkosh such as the Apollo 13 reunion, Freedom Flight, The Apollo Astronaut Reunion at Oshkosh.  The last event allowed him the unique opportunity to interview 12 of the Apollo Astronauts and tell the story of the Space Program in their words. 


Minute 38: Peter Bonavita


Better known as Pete the Retailer, PTR cohosts Star Wars Minute with Alex Robinson. They were one of the first podcasts ever to analyze a movie a minute at a time, and they built a whole new podcasting genre which now encompasses over 100 shows. According to the SWM wiki, Pete was once identified by the New York Post as NY’s ‘most hardcore’ Star Wars fan. If you see a podcaster wearing an Islanders cap, that’s probably him.


Minutes 39-41: Doris Weiss


Doris is a high school English and History teacher from Southern Germany who fell in love with Indiana Jones and Star Wars simultaneously in 1983 thanks to her cousin’s VHS tapes.


Minutes 42-44: Rick and Julia Ingham


Rick and Julia Ingham are a New Hampshire based husband-and-wife podcasting team who began the Mad Max Minute podcast in January 2017. Since that time, they have released over 200 episodes of content covering the main Mad Max series as well as other related movies through their hiatus content. Aside from hosting their own podcast, both Rick and Julia enjoy listening to podcasts, watching movies, and spending time playing games with friends.


Minutes 45-47: Rachel Mummert


A former librarian, who may have "shushed" one person too many, Rachel grew up on both Star Wars and Indiana Jones and was pulled into the Movies by Minutes world by IJM where she was quickly kidnapped by her fellow librarians to guest on all sorts of podcasts. Rachel is an avid runner, having completed 3 half marathons and looking to one day complete a full marathon. She is also a voracious reader of all subjects, both fiction and non-fiction. Rachel resides in Ohio with her husband Matthew, and has made the transition from Librarian to Banker.


Minutes 48-50: Travis Bow


Travis Bow is the host of Reel Comic Heroes and Watchmen Minute. He and his wife Amanda live in Indianapolis, Indiana with their black lab mix, Loki. Since 2015, Travis and Patrick have been on a chronological journey through an ever-growing list of comic book and sci-fi movies over on Reel Comic Heroes. On the fully completed Watchmen Minute, along with cohost Eric Nash, Travis examined the Director’s Cut of Zack Snyder’s Watchmen one minute at a time. In 2020, Travis plans to analyze and celebrate Brad Bird’s The Iron Giant one minute at a time.


Minutes 51-54: Jarf Harden


Jarf is passionate about inclusive, positive geek culture. He started podcasting with his college radio partner Brad; mostly so their wives got a break from hearing their thoughts on every Marvel movie. Now everyone can hear their thoughts on The Cosmic Geppetto Podcast.

By day Jarf helps people with cystic fibrosis (a rare genetic disease) share their stories, raise funds for research and advocate for affordable, accessible health care. Working with families across PA, NJ and DE means a LOT of time on the road; so he is eternally grateful there are so many fun podcasts to listen to. In his free time he enjoys kayaking with his wife, hiking with their pitbull Jack Bow-Wow, baseball on the radio and texting his friends about Star Wars. 


Minutes 55-58: Brad Mendenhall


Brad Mendenhall is the Host/Co-Founder of The Cosmic Geppetto Podcast, a Pop Culture Show dedicated to Positive & Inclusive Conversation of Everything Geeky. Brad’s first foray into the world of Minute By Minute Podcasting was Co-Hosting The Minute of Darkness, a discussion of Sam Raimi’s Cult Classic ‘Army of Darkness.’ Now he’s back with his new friend Eric to talk about the Amazing Music, Astounding Visuals and Awesome Fun of 1980’s ‘Flash Gordon’ and Escape From New York Minute.

Follow what Brad is up to at or on Twitter at