Minute 46: There Just HAD to be a Morning After

An uplifting and climactic minute is ruined by Duke and Trapper’s bro-y behavior towards Houlihan at breakfast the morning after her rendezvous with Frank is interrupted by the loudspeaker broadcast. We have an awesome guest (Rachel Mummert’s back), we get to history-geek out over the Armed Forces Radio Network (now AFRTS *snicker* Get it? A Farts?) and certain things happening with the moon in July 1969, AND name a new character! Ok, it’s Murrhardt. But we didn’t recognize him at the time and we had to do something to cheer ourselves up. That spoon in Trapper’s mouth portends more awfulness. We have lots of recommendations but the biggest one is maybe just respect women’s personal spaces!

Tierney Callaghan