Minute 44: A Little Radio Show

Definitely DON'T think about how weird it is that this party is sitting around listening to their coworkers have sex. Try instead to learn about the old radio show The Bickersons... nope, now we're laughing at Mulcahy trying to be one of the guys. Welcome to the party Padre. Does Margaret climax? Please let’s talk about the lighting and cinemtography instead. Dang it, back to talking about stag films, porno theaters, and that time Tierney saw a pervert enjoying PG-13-rated Australia. At least our fundraiser (a trivia contest benefiting cff.org) is better than Trapper's in the book (pretending to be Jesus). And our week is wrapped up perfectly with Rick's music stylings as he presents his lyrics for the theme from MASH.

Tierney Callaghan